[ Raw Brick Walls, Hydrangeas and Tulips ]

👉 { L I L I E S } 👈

Time to put the cutleries down and use the hands to attack the quails! 🐦🐦🐦 (at Mabrown)

While I am here, busy with assignment, my parents just sent me this beautiful view from Colombia Icefield. ❄️⛄️ They definitely know how to make me envy! Have fun folks!

ro:ya/ls #openhousemelbourne #curiocity #parliamenthouse 👑✨ (at Parliament Of Victoria)

Pardon me for another post from the #Parliamenthouse because I simply couldn’t help myself when I was staring at these orgasmic-delicate-and-beautiful details. Crown as a symbol for the Royals. 👑 #curiocity #openhousemelbourne (at Parliament Of Victoria)

Will I ever get enough of you, mighty fine details? Hand-carved and painted. My kind of eyegasm ✨ #curiocity #openhousemelbourne (at Melbourne Parliament House)

Yes, capture that beautiful chandeliers. Trap the beauty. #curiocity #openhousemelbourne (at Melbourne Parliament House)

{ Roadtrippin’ }

"Make yourself home, guys" #emangnyarumahsendiri (at Rees and Rees)